Excel Tools

Last Modified:3/27/2003

Excel Tools is installed as an ArcMap toolbar containing four tools. The tools are:

See the Excel Tools Documentation document for more information on using the tools.

How to use:
  1. Browse and select the ExcelTools.dll using the 'Add From File' button on the customization dialog.
  2. Turn on the Excel Tools toolbar.
  3. Click the button of the command you want to apply.
  4. For more complete instructions, see the Excel Tools MSWord Document found in the same directory as the code for this sample.


Requires: Excel

Difficulty: Advanced

Visual Basic
File Description
ExcelTools.dll The compiled project.
TestPoints.xls Excel file for testing using the XY Point tool.
PointConnectivity.xls Excel file for testing XY Connectivity tool.
ExcelTools.vbp The project file.
frmCoordinateHelp.frm Form used to help in the entry of coordinates.
frmExcelTableIn.frm Form used by the clsExcelTableIn class.
frmExcelTableOut.frm Form used by the clsExcelTableOut class.
frmXYConnect.frm Form used by the clsXYConnect class.
frmXYExcel.frm Form used by the clsXYExcel class.
frmDeleteFeatures.frm From used by the clsDeleteFeatures class.
ArcMapMethods.bas Holds one map application variable used by all forms and classes.
FileMethods.bas Various methods for manipulating files.
StringParseUtil.bas Various methods for manipulating strings.
clsTableIn.cls Class that implements the command interface for the Import Excel to Standalone Table Tool.
clsTableOut.cls Class that implements the command interface for the Export Attributes to Excel Tool.
clsXYConnect.cls Class that implements the command interface for the Excel XY Connectivity Records to Shapefile Tool.
clsXYExcel.cls Class that implements the command interface for the Excel XY Records to Point Shapefile Tool.
clsDeleteFeatures.cls Class that implements the command interface for the Delete Features or Layer Tool.
clsExcelToolsToolbar.cls Class that creates an ArcMap toolbar with four icons.
ExcelTools.res Resource file storing the four program icons.
ExcelTools.reg Registration file.

Key CoClasses: TextFileWorkspaceFactory, ShapefileWorkspaceFactory, Fields, UnknownCoordinateSystem, FeatureLayer, Polyline, QueryFilter
Key Interfaces: IWorkspaceFactory, IFeatureWorkspace, ITable, IStandaloneTable, IStandaloneTableCollection, IWorkspace, IDataset, IUnknown, ITable, IFields, IField, IFeatureLayer, IFieldEdit, IFieldsEdit, ISpatialReferenceDialog, ISpatialReference, IGeometryDef, IGeometryDefEdit, IFeatureLayer2, IGeoFeatureLayer, IRow, IGeometryDef, IGeometryDefEdit, IPoint, IPolyline, IFeature, IQueryFilter, IFeatureCursor, IPropertySet
Key Members: IWorkspaceFactory::OpenFromFile, IWorkspaceFactory::Open, IFeatureWorkspace::OpenTable, IStandaloneTableCollection::AddStandaloneTable, IMxDocument::SelectedItem, IWorkspace::PathName, IFeatureLayer::FeatureClass::Fields, Field::Name, Field::Type, IStandaloneTableCollection::AddStandaloneTable, IFeatureWorkspace::CreateTable, IFieldsEdit::AddField, IMap::AddLayer, IFeatureLayer2::ShapeType, ITable::CreateRow, IRow::Fields::FindField, IRow::Store, IFeatureLayer::Search, IFeature::Shape, ILayer::Name, IGeometryDefEdit::GeometryType, IGeometryDefEdit::SpatialReference, IPropertySet::SetProperty

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