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ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.UI.WebControls Namespace : Map Class

Displays an interactive map.

Object Model


Visual Basic (Declaration)  
Public Class Map 
   Inherits CartoDisplay
Visual Basic (Usage) Copy Code
Dim instance As Map
public class Map : CartoDisplay 


This is the main Web control for displaying and interacting with maps in the Web ADF. The Map control has built-in functionality to allow zooming and panning the map through tools, keyboard and mouse navigation. It also enables interacting with the map to identify, query, and do other GIS tasks with the map. The map contents can be manipulated through tasks and other controls, such as the table of contents (TOC) control.

The Map control uses map services that are defined in the MapResourceManager control that is set in the MapResourceManager Property property of the Map. At least one map service must be added to the associated MapResourceManager in order to display maps.

The Map control can be buddied (associated) with other Web ADF controls for additional functionality on the Web page. These related controls include:

  • Magnifier control: allows the user to see a portion of the map at a larger scale
  • MapTips control: displays information on features next to the cursor when a user hovers over a feature
  • Navigation control: user can move (pan) the map by clicking on a direction in the control
  • Overview control: displays a smaller scale map, with the Map's current extent displayed in a rectangle on the overview map
  • Scalebar control: displays a bar scale representing the Map's current scale
  • TaskResults control: enables the user to highlight features and graphics output from tasks that the user has run
  • Table of Contents (TOC) control: displays a hierarchical list of map layers. If enabled, the user may turn layers in the map on or off, and see swatches representing map symbology.
  • Toolbar control: contains tools that enable interaction with the map, such as zoom, pan, and identify features.
  • ZoomLevel control: allows the user to zoom the map in or out by clicking on a graphic with tics representing map scales.

The Map control, like other Web ADF controls, are fully AJAX-enabled. This means the map can be updated and changed without refreshing the entire Web page. For details on working with controls in this way, see the Developer Help.

For further discussion of the Map control and its uses, see the discussion of the Map control in the Developer Help, under Creating ArcGIS Server (or ArcIMS) Solutions>Developing Applications>Developing Web Applications using the Web ADF>Web controls>Map control (EDN: Other sections of the Developing Web Applications using the Web ADF have more information on working with the Map and related Web ADF controls and functionality.

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Target Platforms:Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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