Working with the ArcIMS API  

Introduction to the ArcIMS API

The ArcIMS API, included with the Web ADF, provides a comprehensive framework for interacting with an ArcIMS server.  You can use the ArcIMS API to develop custom client applications built on Microsoft's .NET Framework. In general, the ArcIMS API provides a rich object model which can be used to consume ArcIMS image and ArcMap services. More specifically, the ArcIMS API communicates with ArcIMS server by generating ArcXML requests and processing ArcXML responses. The API provides basic mapping functionality, such as panning and zooming, tools to interact with layers, such as querying and geocoding, and classes to administer services. 

The ArcIMS API includes components in the following assemblies, with accompanying descriptions:


  This assembly contains most of the classes you'll use to work with ArcIMS. 


  Contains classes to establish a connection with an ArcIMS server and send/receive raw ArcXML.


  Contains foundation classes for some ArcIMS components, such as CartoImage to manage map image rendering.


  Contains foundation classes for the ADF in general.

Since the Web ADF controls and Common API are designed to work with the ArcIMS API, an ArcIMS .NET developer may choose to leverage the generic capabilities of the Web ADF with the data source specific characteristics available in the ArcIMS API.  For additional information on the Web ADF controls and Common API, see the section titled Developing Web Applications using the Web ADF.

This section contains additional information on the use of the ArcIMS API in the following categories: