Developing applications  

Working with the ArcGIS Server ArcObjects API

With ArcGIS Server for the Microsoft .NET Framework, you can build a number of different types of server applications - Web applications, Web services, mobile applications, and so on.   The developer components of ArcGIS Server for .NET are packaged with the ArcGIS Server Web ADF for the Microsoft .NET Framework.  They include class libraries for Web and mobile developers that manage the user interface aspects of those applications and client components to utilize the rich GIS functionality of ArcGIS Server via ArcObjects running in the GIS server.

To be an effective developer of server applications, you need to understand how those applications interact with the GIS server and use the ArcObjects running in the GIS server.  The initial sections of this topic focus on the ArcObjects programming model for ArcGIS Server for .NET (the ArcGIS Server API).  The section titled "Programming with ArcGIS Server for .NET" discusses programming patterns and techniques that are important to understand if you want to build server applications that go beyond simple mapping. 

A number of sections in this topic will focus on the set of programming objects (ArcObjects) that are available to you as an ArcGIS Server for .NET developer. The infomation in these sections will help you to understand the types of GIS functionality you can build into your server applications.

These include: