Developing with ArcIMS  

Introduction to the ArcIMS API

ArcIMS and ArcIMS Java Connector

ArcIMS is the solution for distributing geographical information data on the Internet. It consists of several components in a three-tier architecture including presentation, business logic and data tier.

Some of the key components of ArcIMS are:

ArcIMS Spatial Server: Provides the capabilities for accessing the GIS data, rendering the map and sending the responses back to other components.

ArcIMS Application Server: Handles the load distribution of incoming requests and tracks which ArcIMS services are running on which ArcIMS Spatial Server.

ArcIMS Connectors: Connect the Web server to the ArcIMS Application Server.

Web Server: Servers out information using the HTTP protocol.

ArcIMS Java Connector is one of the ArcIMS Connectors. It is a pure Java reusable software component which includes a JavaBean Object Model Library and a rich set of custom JSP tags library. Java Connector resides in the Web server and allows the communication between ArcIMS Application Server and a JSP client or a standalone Java application. The JavaBeans and JSP tags in ArcIMS Java Connector allow you to programmatically establish a connection with ArcIMS Application Server via HTTP, HTTPS or TCP/IP protocol, send requests to, and receive responses from the ArcIMS Application Server.

ArcIMS Java Connector API

There are three ways you can use ArcIMS Java Connector:

Java Connector Object Model is a collection of server-side JavaBeans that implement the ArcXML specification. You can utilize the object model beans and their methods in your application to implement map display functions; perform rendering and symbology; add dynamic layers; and perform feature and spatial queries, address geocoding, projections, and metadata functions.

For more information of ArcIMS Java Connector Object Model, see charpter 3 "Java Connector Object Model" in Customizing ArcIMS - Java Connector

Java Connector Tag Library is a collection of custom JSP tags built on the Java Connector Object Model. These tags provide high-level access to the entire server-side Object Model library. Web developers with little or no knowledge of Java can develop advanced mapping applications or integrate mapping capabilities into existing applications using the JSP Tag Library.

Java Connector of Web ADF The Jaava Connector can be used by itself. It is also the foundation for communication with ArcIMS when using the Web ADF for the Java platform.

For more information about using the Java Connector in this capacity, see Introduction to the Web ADF