Install ArcGIS RAD plug-in

Summary ArcGIS plug-ins for the RAD IDE has been created to quickly get started with development of ArcGIS Mapping and Portlet applications.

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Create ArcGIS Update Site

The ArcGIS RAD plug-in can be installed by creating a new local search site.  We will use the Update Manager provided by RAD which allows you to choose the components you wish to install. 
  1. From the RAD main menu, choose Help>Software Updates>Find and Install…
  1. Click the Search for new features to install button and click Next
  1. The Update sites to visit window opens with a list of sites you can include in your search.  We are going to add an additional site to search for our RAD plug-in.  To add the ArcGIS update site, click on the New Local Site button.
  1. Navigate from your ARCGISHOME directory to ‘ArcGIS\java\tools\rad_plugin\arcgis_update_site’.  Change the name to ‘ArcGIS Server RAD Update Site’ and click OK
  1. You should now see the ArcGIS Server RAD Update Site appear in the list.  Ensure that the ArcGIS Server RAD Update Site is checked and click Finish.
  1. The Search Results window displays the features available for install.  Drill down under ArcGIS, select the install plug-in, and click Next
  1. Accept the Feature License agreement and click Next
  1. Choose an install location and click Finish
  1. Click Install All on the Verification window. 
  1. Click Yes to restart RAD. 
  1. Once RAD restarts, you should see a Welcome page, if you do not, go to the Help menu and click the Welcome link. 
  1. Click on the Overview icon to display an overview of features.
  1. Click on the ESRI Globe icon to display the ESRI Information Page. 
  1. This page provides information about getting started with your ArcGIS plug-in.