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CustomDrawing Sample

This sample illustrates how you can create a custom task that uses OpenGL to draw on top of the current view.

Sample Overview

  • Implementation of a simple custom task that uses the E2API to draw on top of the current view.
  • Example of converting between geographic coordinates and OpenGL coordinates.
  • Example of rendering style file symbols as OpenGL.

How to open the task:

  1. In Visual Studio 2005, open the solution using and build it.
    NOTE: see the 'Building Samples' topic for more information about how the sample will be set up ready for you to use in ArcGIS Explorer by building the project.
  2. Open ArcGIS Explorer, and open a map in which you want to use the sample task.
  3. Click Tools, then Manage Tasks.
  4. In the 'All Available Tasks' list, select the task and click the arrow in the center of the dialog to add the task to your map; then click OK to dismiss the Manage Tasks dialog.
  5. In the task console, select the CustomDrawing sample task.
  6. You should now find that the sample is the active task.
    CustomDrawingSample as active task

How to use the task

  1. Toggle either of the checkboxes on the UserControl .
  2. Use the mouse to interact with the globe and notice how graphics are rendered to the display.