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IEnvelope Interface

Provides access to methods and properties of envelopes.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Envelopes are the rectangular window that contain a specific element.  All Geometry objects have an envelope defined by the XMin, XMax, YMin, and YMax of the object.  Envelopes can also serve as the viewing area for a particular view screen or data frame.


Method CenterAt Moves this envelope so it is centered at p.
Method DefineFromPoints Defines the envelope to cover all the points.
Read/write property Depth The depth of the envelope.
Read-only property Dimension The topological dimension of this geometry.
Read-only property Envelope Creates a copy of this geometry's envelope and returns it.
Method Expand Moves the X and Y coordinates of the sides toward or away from each other.
Method ExpandM Moves the measure of the sides toward or away from each other.
Method ExpandZ Moves the Z attribute of the sides toward or away from each other.
Read-only property GeometryType The type of this geometry.
Method GeoNormalize Shifts longitudes, if need be, into a continuous range of 360 degrees.
Method GeoNormalizeFromLongitude Normalizes longitudes into a continuous range containing the longitude. This method is obsolete.
Read/write property Height The height of the envelope.
Method Intersect Adjusts to include only the area also included by inEnvelope.
Read-only property IsEmpty Indicates whether this geometry contains any points.
Read/write property LowerLeft The lower left corner.
Read/write property LowerRight The lower right corner.
Read/write property MMax The maximum measure value in the area of the envelope.
Read/write property MMin The minimum measure value in the area of the envelope.
Method Offset Moves the sides x units horizontally and y units vertically.
Method OffsetM Moves the sides m units.
Method OffsetZ Moves the sides z units.
Method Project Projects this geometry into a new spatial reference.
Method PutCoords Constructs an envelope from the coordinate values of lower, left and upper, right corners.
Method QueryCoords Returns the coordinates of lower, left and upper, right corners.
Method QueryEnvelope Copies this geometry's envelope properties into the specified envelope.
Method SetEmpty Removes all points from this geometry.
Method SnapToSpatialReference Moves points of this geometry so that they can be represented in the precision of the geometry's associated spatial reference system.
Read/write property SpatialReference The spatial reference associated with this geometry.
Method Union Adjusts to overlap inEnvelope.
Read/write property UpperLeft The upper left corner.
Read/write property UpperRight The upper right corner.
Read/write property Width The width of the envelope.
Read/write property XMax The position of the right side.
Read/write property XMin The position of the left side.
Read/write property YMax The position of the top.
Read/write property YMin The position of the bottom.
Read/write property ZMax The maximum Z value in the area of the envelope.
Read/write property ZMin The minimum Z value in the area of the envelope.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGeometry Provides access to members that describe properties and behavior of all geometric objects.

CoClasses that implement IEnvelope

CoClasses and Classes Description
Envelope A rectangle with sides parallel to a coordinate system defining the extent of another geometry; optionally has min and max measure, height and ID attributes.
[Visual Basic 6.0]

The following Visual Basic code shows how to create an envelope from coordinates:

 Private Sub btnPutCoords_Click()

m_pEnveLope.PutCoords Val(edtXmin.Text), Val(edtYmin.Text), _
Val(edtXmax.Text), Val(edtYmax.Text)
End Sub

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