Interface WebContextObserver

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AGSExtentStack, AGSPageLayoutExtentStack, AGSThematic, AGSWebMap, AGSWebOverview, AGSWebPageLayout, AGSWebScaleBar, AGSWebToc

public interface WebContextObserver
extends Serializable

The WebContextObserver interface provides a mechanism for refreshing the controls. This interface requires an implementation of the update method. When the current context is refreshed, the WebContext calls the update method for all registered observers. To become a registered observer, call the WebContext.addObserver method. The refresh method can also take an optional argument. You would use the argument if, for example, you wanted the observer to refresh only if the map has changed.

Method Summary
 void update(WebContext context, Object arg)
          Updates the observer with the WebContext.

Method Detail


public void update(WebContext context,
                   Object arg)
Updates the observer with the WebContext. An optional argument is passed to the update method so the observer can selectively respond to the update.

context - the WebContext
arg - refresh argument (for example, AGSRefreshID.MAP_OPERATION).