Use this section to explore the custom developer samples included with ArcGIS.

In this section you will find custom samples written in various programming languages. Browse the samples section using the table of contents for VBA scripts, command buttons and tools, and examples of custom applications.

All samples fall into one of two categories: Tips or Tools. Tips are small code examples, shortcuts, and insights designed to help you write better code. Tips are identified by their icon in the table of contents. Tools are more complete examples, such as how to build a new tool for the Editor or a custom symbol for ArcMap. Tools are identified by their icon in the table of contents.

New tips and tools added to the help system since the last release have a red asterisk in their icon: and respectively. Samples modified since the last release have a blue asterisk in their icon: and respectively.

Each sample has a download associated with it containing the actual project files.

Read How to use the samples for more information on how to use Tool samples.

Visit the Query Samples page to analyze all the samples in the system. For example, from this page you can query how many new C++ samples have been added in the last month.

ESRI hopes that you will find these sample scripts and other items useful and that they will contribute to your success in using ArcInfo. Please note that these samples are not supported by ESRI. These samples are provided for non-commercial purposes only. Permission to use, copy, and distribute is hereby granted, provided there is no charge or fee for such copies. THESE SAMPLES ARE PROVIDED 'AS IS', WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ESRI shall not be liable for any damages under any theory of law related to Licensee's use of these samples, even if ESRI is advised of the possibility of such damage.