Analyze Command for Survey Datasets


To optimize performance on tables in the survey dataset, the server uses statistics available on the tables that are applied in a Query Optimizer. When you register the survey dataset for edit sessions, statistics are generated on all the tables, but as more rows are added new statistics must be generated. You can use this sample Analyze command to generate new statistics.

How to use:
  1. In ArcCatalog, browse and select the SurveyDatasetAnalyzer.dll using the 'Add From File' button on the Customize dialog.
  2. From the 'Developer Samples Survey Analyst' commands category, add the 'Analyze' command to any toolbar, or to the Survey Dataset context menu.
  3. Select a Survey Dataset in the Catalog Tree.
  4. Click the Analyze command button.


Requires: An SDE connection as the owner of the Survey Dataset that is to be analyzed.

Minimum ArcGIS Version Required: 8.3

Difficulty: Beginner

Visual Basic
File Description
SurveyDatasetAnalyzer.vbp The project file for the sample Analyze command.
clsAnalyzeThisSDS.cls Class that allows contains the code for analyzing the tables.
frmAnalyzeThisSDS.frm Form that lists the tables as they're analyzed.
SurveyDatasetAnalyzer.dll The compiled project.

Key CoClasses: SurveyDatasetExtension,
Key Interfaces: ISurveyDataset, ISurveyDatasetExtension, IGxObject, IFeatureWorkspace, IFeatureWorkspaceManage