Groundwater Modeling


The purpose of this groundwater modeling tool is to expose groundwater modeling methods available through Spatial Analyst Objects and demonstrate how to develop a complex application using ArcObjects. This dll provides interfaces for creating simple raster surface, pumping well shapefile, and particle shapefile, for computing drawdown, Darcy flow, and concentration distribution using PorousPuff, for tracking particles and for delineating capture zones from particle tracks.

This sample Groundwater application does not support selection, changing output spatial reference.

How to use:
  1. Registering DLL: Click Tool/Customize, click Add from file button in the Customize dialog, navigate to the file esriGWAnalysis.dll, and click OK button. Click Toolbars tab in Customize dialog, check 'GW Analysis' to display the 'GW Analysis' toolbar.
  2. Using VB Project: Download zip file and extract all files in a folder. Double click esriGWTools.vbp to open project.
  3. Please refer to GroundwaterAnalysis.doc for additional information.


Requires: Spatial Analyst Extension License

Difficulty: Advanced

Visual Basic
File Description
GWAnalysis.bas All groundwater analysis functions.
GWFlexGrid.bas Functions to work with FlexGrid control.
GWGlobals.bas Global variables used in the project.
GWUtilities.bas All utility functions.
GWCaptureZone.cls Implements ICommand for Capture Zone.
GWDarcyFlow.cls Implements ICommand for Darcy Flow.
GWDataPreparation.cls Implements IMenuDef for Data Preparation.
GWDrawdown.cls Implements ICommand for Drawdown.
GWFlipDirection.cls Implements ICommand for Flip Direction.
GWMainMenu.cls Implements IMenuDef and IRootLevelMenu for Groundwater menu.
GWParticles.cls Implements ICommand for Particles.
GWParticleTrack.cls Implements ICommand for Particle Track.
GWPorousPuff.cls Implements ICommand for Porous Puff.
GWPumpingWells.cls Implements ICommand for Pumping Wells.
GWSurface.cls Implements ICommand for Surface.
GWToolBar.cls Implements IToolBarDef for GW Analysis toolbar.
RasterDatasetFormatFilter.cls IRasterFormatFilter for RasterDatasetFormatFilter class.
GWCaptureZone.frm Dialog box for creating capture zone from particle tracks.
GWDarcyFlow.frm Dialog box for computing Darcy flow.
GWDrawdown.frm Dialog box for computing drawdown.
GWFlipDirection.frm Dialog box for reversing the flow direction.
GWParticles.frm Dialog box for creating paricle shapefile.
GWParticleTrack.frm Dialog box for creating a particle track shapefile.
GWPorousPuff.frm Dialog box for computing concentration distribution using PorousPuff.
GWPumpingWells.frm Dialog box for creating pumping well shapefile.
GWSurface.frm Dialog box for creating surface.
esriGWTools.vbp Visual Basic project file.
esriGWTools.dll The compiled DLL.

Key CoClasses: RasterConversionOp, RasterGroundwaterOp, RasterInterpolationOp, RasterMakerOp, RasterMapAlgebraOp
Key Interfaces: IConversionOp, IGroundwaterOp, IInterpolationOp, IRasterMakerOp
Key Members: IConversionOp::ToRasterDataset, IGroundwaterOp::DarcyFlow, IGroundwaterOp::ParticleTrack, IGroundwaterOp::PorousPuff, IInterpolationOp::Trend, IRasterMakerOp::MakeConstant