ArcSDE Raster Catalog


The ArcSDE raster catalog tool provides functionalities to export data from a file-based raster catalog or a directory to a geodatabase as individual ArcSDE rasters or an ArcSDE raster catalog..

How to use:
  1. View source code to make changes that meet specified needs.
  2. Compile the VB project and run.
  3. Select input raster catalog or directory.
  4. Check the box near "Create Mosaic Image" for mosaicking.
  5. Select output ArcSDE workspace.
  6. Hit Load.


Requires: ESRI Object Library

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
Main.frm The main form for entering input and output information.
RasterCatalogToSDE.vbp VB project file.

Key CoClasses: RasterSDELoader
Key Interfaces: IRasterSDEConnection, IRasterSDEStorage, IRasterSDEServerOperation
Key Members: IRasterSDEServerOperation::Create, IRasterSDEServerOperation::Mosaic, IRasterSDEServerOperation::ComputeStatistics, IRasterSDEServerOperation::BuildPyramids