Projecting Raster Datasets


This sample tool allows you to project one raster dataset to another. The input raster dataset can be in any ArcGIS supported raster format, the output raster dataset has to be in GRID, Imagine or TIFF format. When using this tool, you have to be aware that the current implementation of projecting raster datasets is based on a single polynomial transformation with 16 X 16 control points regardless how big images are. There could be some distortion when the image covers a big area or close to North or South poles. The result is good when projecting small images like within 1 degree and with latitude that is between -70 and 70 degrees. You can always perform a cell by cell projection using Workstaiton ArcInfo's PROJECT command.

How to use:
  1. Click the ProjectRaster.exe file to bring up the dialog
  2. Specify the input, output and spatial reference.
  3. You can specify a cell size for the output, or leave it blank.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
ProjectRaster.frm VB form that provides dialog for projecting rasters.

Key CoClasses: Raster, RasterDataset
Key Interfaces: IRasterProps, IRasterDataset