Create World File from Internal Georeference


This sample creates a world file from a raster dataset's internal georeference.

How to use:
  1. In ArcCatolog, click Tool/Customize/Add from file, then add this dll.
  2. In the Customize dialog, click Toolbars folder, check Context Menus item, then click Raster Sample Tool in the Commands folder.
  3. Drag the Create World File command to Context Menus/Raster Dataset Context Menu, the Create World File command will appear in the Raster Dataset Context Menu.
  4. Right click a raster dataset, click Create World File command, a world file will be created.


Requires: Set the reference : ESRI Object Library

Difficulty: Beginner

Visual Basic
File Description
CreateWorldFile.vbp VB project file
CreateWorldFile.cls Class module file that implements the Icommand interface
CreateWorldFile.dll Compiled dll file

Key Interfaces: IWorldFileExport, IRasterDataset, ICommand