Raster With Colormap To RGB


The colormap to RGB tool shows how to convert a color-indexed raster into a RGB raster using raster data objects

How to use:
  1. Compile the VB project and run.
  2. In the main form enter the input and output file in full path.
  3. Hit Convert to run the conversion.


Requires: ESRI Object Library

Minimum ArcGIS Version Required: 8.2

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
Main.frm The main form for entering the input and output file names.
ColormapToRGB.vbp VB project file.

Key CoClasses: Raster, RasterBand, RasterColormap
Key Interfaces: IRasterWorkspace2, IRasterColormap, IRasterProps, IRawPixel, IPixelBlock
Key Members: IRasterColormap::Red, IRawPixel::Write, IRaster::Read, IRasterProps::Extent, IPixelBlock::SafeArray, IRasterWorkspace2::CreateRasterDataset