Sample Synchronizer


This sample demonstrates how to create a custom metadata synchronizer and include it with the default metadata synchronizers. The Sample Metadata Synchronizer shows how it is possible to include metadata elements, such as distribution information each time a metadata document is synchronized. The sample implements the IMetadataSynchronizer and is to be used in the ArcCatalog application.

How to use:
  1. Register the .dll on your machine.
  2. Run Categories.exe from %ARCHOME%\bin.
  3. Navigate to the 'ESRI Metadata Synchronizers' folder. Select the folder and click Add Object.
  4. Navigate to the compiled SampleMetadatatSynchronizer.dll and click Open.
  5. The Add Objects dialog box appears listing "Updater", which is checked by default. Click OK.
  6. In the Component Categories Manager, you can see that "SampleMetadataSynchronizer.Updater" has been added to the list of components in the 'ESRI Metadata Synchronizers' category. Click Exit.
  7. In ArcCatalog, click the Metadata Tab. The 'Create/Update metadata' button becomes active. Clicking the button will synchronize metadata.
  8. The following elements will be written the Distribution Information section: This sample writes the above elements to the XML document when the document is synchronized so that the Distribution Information is available in both the ISO and the FGDC standard.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
CustomTemplate.cls Class file implementing the IMetadataSynchronizer interface.
SampleMetadataSynchronizer.dll The compiled project.
CustomTemplate.vbp The project file for the sample metadata synchronizer.

Key CoClasses: MetadataSynchronizer
Key Interfaces: IMetadataSynchronizer
Key Members: IMetadataSynchronizer::Update,