ISO Custom Page


This sample shows you how to create custom pages for the ISO Metadata editor wizard. This example adds a new page called "Purpose" which will appear under a custom book/folder called "Custom Book" in the editors table of contents.

Custom pages are created as Visual Basic User Controls within an ActiveX project (ocx). Each page usually maintains a logical set of metadata elements (read, edit, write). A connection class, within the project, provides the interface between the ISO Editor and the custom pages. This class also determines where the custom pages appear in the editors table of contents. The Visual Basic project is compiled to an ocx then registered. The ISO Editor loads custom projects via a registry entry.

The custom page project contains detailed instructions within the code. Please read the connect class (connect.cls) for more information.

How to use:
  1. Compile the project to create an ocx file.
  2. Register the ocx.
  3. Double-click ISOCustomPage.reg or add the appropriate registry entry using regedit (See comments in connect.cls for details).
  4. Start ArcCatalog and open the ISO Editor. The custom page appears in a custom section in the table of contents called "Custom Book".


Requires: Visual Basic 6

Minimum ArcGIS Version Required: 8.2

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
Connect.cls Class that connects the custom page to the ISO Editor and defines how custom pages are displayed.
Purpose.ctl Visual Basic user control for describing dataset purpose.
Globals.bas Module containing shared code.
ISOCustomPage.vbp Visual Basic 6 project file.
ISOCustomPage.reg Registry script to create the required registry entry for the default ocx.
ISOCustomPage.ocx The compiled ocx.

Key Interfaces: IPropertySet, IXmlPropertySet2
Key Members: IPropertySet::GetProperty, IPropertySet::SetProperty