Metadata Editor Button


This sample demonstrates how to call a metadata editor from a button. The example works only within ArcCatalog and opens the ISO Metadata Editor. A sample that allows you to open a metadata editor within ArcMap, EditMetadataInArcMap, is also available for download.

How to use:
  1. Register this sample's dll by compiling the sample or by using Regsvr32.exe.
  2. Within ArcCatalog toolbar, right click and select Customize option;
  3. Click the Commands tab, and then click Add from file... button;
  4. Navigate to the compiled ISOedit.dll and click Open;
  5. Click OK;
  6. You can see that "Open ISO Editor" has been added to the list of Commands in the Metadata Samples category;
  7. Highlight "Open ISO Editor", drag/drop it to anywhere in the toolbars;
  8. Close the Customize dialogbox;
  9. In ArcCatalog, select the objects you want to edit;
  10. Click the "Open ISO Editor" button you just added onto ArcCatalog;
  11. Edit properties for the selected item in the ISO Metadta Editor and apply the changes;


Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
ISOEdit.cls Class file implementing the ICommand interface.
ISOEdit.dll The compiled project.
EditButton3.vbp The project file for the Metadata Editor Button.

Key CoClasses: PropertySet
Key Interfaces: IPropertySet, IMetadata
Key Members: IMetadata::Edit