Export Topology Schema


The sample will export the schema of a Topology to text file. Select the Topology in ArcCatalog and click the command. The Topology's schema will be exported to a text file in the workspace of the Geodatabase. Once complete, a message box displays so that you can examine the schema of Topology. What is output into the text file? The properties of the Topology including; Name, Cluster Tolerance, Maximum Generated Error Count and the State of the Topology. All the feature classes in the Topology are listed with their XYRank, ZRank and Weight. Each Topology Rule including the participating feature classes and rule type are also listed

How to use:
  1. Double click on the _Install.BAT file.
  2. Open the Customize dialog
  3. Under the Commands tab of the Customize dialog, select the Export Topology Schema from the 'Developer Samples' category, and drag it on to a toolbar. Dismiss the Customize dialog.
  4. Select a Topology in ArcCatalog and click the command to export the Topology's schema


Requires: Topology data

Minimum ArcGIS Version Required: 8.3

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
clsExportTopoSchema.cls Class containing the code for the Export Topology Schema sample.
prjExportTopoSchema.vbp The project file for the Export Topology Schema sample.

Key CoClasses: Topology, TopologyClass, TopologyRule
Key Interfaces: ITopology, ITopologyClass, ITopologyRuleContainer, ITopologyRule, ISubtypes
Key Members: ITopology::ClusterTolerance, ITopology::State, ITopology::MaximumGeneratedErrorCount, ITopologyClass::XYRank, ITopologyClass::ZRank, ITopologyClass::Weight, ITopologyRuleContainer::Rules, ITopologyRule::OriginClassID, ITopologyRule::AllOriginSubtypes, ITopologyRule::OriginSubtype, ITopologyRule::DestinationClassID, ITopologyRule::AllDestinationSubtypes, ITopologyRule::DestinationSubtype, ISubtypes::SubtypeName