SimplePoint Data Source


This sample implements a read-only plug-in data source. The data format is a text file of formatted XY locations with a single character attribute.

How to use:
  1. Edit the batch file called '_INSTALL.bat' to make sure it references your ArcGIS install folder.
  2. Run '_INSTALL.bat' to make the appropriate registry entries.
  3. In ArcCatalog, browse to the Towns.spt file supplied with the sample. Try previewing the dataset, using the zoom and identify tools.
  4. You should also be able to use the Towns dataset in ArcMap.


Minimum ArcGIS Version Required: 8.2

Difficulty: Advanced

Visual Basic
File Description
Towns.spt Text file containing example data
SimplePointCursorHelper.cls The PlugInCursorHelper class
SimplePointDatasetHelper.cls The PlugInDatasetHelper class
SimplePointWorkspaceHelper.cls The PlugInWorkspaceHelper class
SimplePointWksFactoryHelper.cls The PlugInWorkspaceFactoryHelper class
ISimplePointCursorHelper.cls Class that defines the ISimplePointCursorHelper interface
ISimplePointDatasetHelper.cls Class that defines the ISimplePointDatasetHelper interface
ISimplePointWorkspaceHelper.cls Class that defines the ISimplePointWorkspaceHelper interface
Utils.bas The PlugInCursorHelper class
SimplePoint.reg File that can be run to register classes with component categories
SimplePoint.dll Compiled project DLL.
SimplePoint.vbp Visual Basic project file.
ESRIVBDebugHelper.vbp The debug helper Visual Basic project file.
VBDebugHelper.bas Module that contains the debugging start-up procedure

Key CoClasses: PlugInWorkspaceFactoryHelper,PlugInWorkspaceHelper,PlugInDatasetHelper,PlugInCursorHelper
Key Interfaces: IPlugInWorkspaceFactoryHelper, IPlugInWorkspaceHelper, IPlugInDatasetInfo, IPlugInDatasetHelper, IPlugInCursorHelper