Data Converter


This sample converts tables or feature classes between data formats. Conversion status is shown in a progress bar. The sample duplicates a lot of import/export functionality available in ArcCatalog and ArcToolBox, except this time in a standalone Visual Basic application. Invalid column names are reported, as are objects that fail the conversion process. Since the sample is based on the ArcObjects feature data converter, annotation feature classes are not supported, neither are coverages or info files as output formats.

For output to ArcSDE geodatabases, the sample calculates an appropriate grid size rather than asking the user.

How to use:
  1. Load the project into Visual Basic and run.

Standalone sample

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
Loader.cls VB class module holding main data conversion functions
Loader.frm VB form for the main user interface
Report.frm VB Form for reporting invalid objects
Loader.vbp Visual Basic project file

Key CoClasses: FeatureDataConverter, FieldChecker, FieldError, InvalidObjectInfo, GeometryDef
Key Interfaces: IFeatureDataConverter, IFeatureProgress, IFieldChecker, IFieldError, IInvalidObjectInfo, IGeometryDefEdit
Key Members: IFeatureDataConverter::ConvertFeatureClass, IFeatureDataConverter::ConvertTable