This sample appends coverages to a featureclasses based on the contents of a simple, comma delimited, text file. Each line in the text file contains the path to the data, the name of the coverage workspace and the target featureclass. See the Text.txt file for an example. The sample only supports the appending of coverages into a Geodatabase (SDE).

How to use:
  1. Load the project into Visual Basic and run.

Standalone sample

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
BatchAppendCoverage2GDB.vbp Visual Basic project file
BatchAppendCoverage2GDB.frm VB form for the main user interface
test.txt Sample comma delimited text file

Key CoClasses: ObjectLoader, FieldChecker
Key Interfaces: IObjectLoader, IFieldChecker, IFieldError
Key Members: IObjectLoader::LoadObjects