Geocoding Tools Library


The Geocoding Tools Library contains a number of functions and classes that you can use to build custom tools and applications with geocoding. The Geocoding Tools Library is used by a number of the other Geocoding samples. Click here to view the object model diagram for this library.

How to use:
  1. Open the GeocodingToolsLib.vbp project and compile the DLL. Alternatively, you can register the GeocodingToolsLib.dll that is located in the same folder.
  2. In Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications, check 'Geocoding Tools Library' in the References dialog box.

Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
modGeocodingToolsLib.bas Module containing constants and functions used by the other modules in this project.
ApplicationStatus.cls Class file that displays status messages on the ArcMap or ArcCatalog status bar. Implements the IApplicationStatus and IStatusMessage interfaces.
GeocodingIndexCoupling.cls Class file that manages a reference data source and its geocoding index. Implements the IGeocodingIndexCoupling and IGeocodingIndexAutomation interfaces.
GeocodingTools.cls Class file containing public constants and functions.
IApplicationStatus.cls Class file that defines the IApplicationStatus interface.
IGeocodingIndexAutomation.cls Class file that defines the IGeocodingIndexAutomation interface.
IGeocodingIndexCoupling.cls Class file that defines the IGeocodingIndexCoupling interface.
ILocatorIndexes.cls Class file that defines the ILocatorIndexes interface.
ILocatorInspector.cls Class file that defines the ILocatorInspector interface.
ILocatorReferenceData.cls Class file that defines the ILocatorReferenceData interface.
IMapDocumentHelper.cls Class file that defines the IMapDocumentHelper interface.
IMapDocumentLocatorInspector.cls Class file that defines the IMapDocumentLocatorInspector interface.
IMapDocumentNetworkInspector.cls Class file that defines the IMapDocumentNetworkInspector interface.
IReferenceDataTableFields.cls Class file that defines the IReferenceDataTableFields interface.
IReferenceDataTableInspector.cls Class file that defines the IReferenceDataTableInspector interface.
IReverseGeocoder.cls Class file that defines the IReverseGeocoder interface.
IStatusMessage.cls Class file that defines the IStatusMessage interface.
LocatorInspector.cls Class file that provides information about a locator's style, reference data, and geocoding indexes. Implements the ILocatorInspector, ILocatorIndexes, ILocatorReferenceData, and IReverseGeocoding interfaces.
MapDocumentHelper.cls Helper class for ArcMap documents for adding, removing, and inspecting the data sources, locators, and geometric networks in an ArcMap document. Implements the IMapDocumentHelper, IMapDocumentLocatorInspector, and IMapDocumentNetworkInspector interfaces.
ReferenceDataTableInspector.cls Class file that provides information about a reference data table's data source, fields, and geocoding indexes. Implements the IReferenceDataTableInspector, ILocatorIndexes, and IReferenceDataTableFields interfaces.

Key CoClasses: ESRIFDOAddressLocator, LocatorExtension, StreetMapAddressLocator
Key Interfaces: IEnumReferenceDataField, IEnumReferenceDataIndex, IEnumReferenceDataTable, ILocatorExtension, IPlaceNameAlias, IReferenceDataField, IReferenceDataFile, IReferenceDataTable, IReferenceDataTables
Key Members: IEnumReferenceDataField::, ILocatorExtension::CurrentLocator, ILocatorExtension::Locator, ILocatorExtension::LocatorCount, IPlaceNameAlias::Table, IReferenceDataField::InternalName, IReferenceDataField::Name, IReferenceDataFile::PathName, IReferenceDataIndex::Build, IReferenceDataTable::DisplayName, IReferenceDataTable::Fields, IReferenceDataTable::GeocodingIndexes, IReferenceDataTables::Tables