Address Inspector


The Address Inspector tool displays the address at a point on the map. This tool demonstrates how to retrieve reference data field information from a Locator. Most of the functionality used by this tool is contained in the Geocoding Tools Library.

How to use:
  1. Open the GeocodingToolsLib.vbp project and compile the DLL. Alternatively, you can register the GeocodingToolsLib.dll that is located in the same folder.
  2. In ArcMap, browse to and select AddressInspector.dll using the 'Add From File' button in the Customize dialog box.
  3. From the 'Developer Samples' commands category, add the 'Address Inspector' tool to a toolbar.
  4. Add a geocoding service and its reference data to the ArcMap document. You can use the Reference Data Loader Tool to do this.
  5. Set the ArcMap document's current geocoding service by selecting the geocoding service in the Find dialog box. You can also use the Current Locator Control to do this.
  6. Click the Address Inspector tool, then click on the map to display the address at that point.


Requires: A geocoding service and its associated reference data.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
frmMapTipContainer.frm Form used as a map tip to display the address.
clsAddressInspector.cls Class file that implements ICommand and ITool to create the Address Inspector Tool.
clsMapTip.cls Class file that defines the behaviour of the map tip.
GeocodingDeveloperSamples.res Resource file for geocoding developer samples.
AddressInspector.vbp The project file for the tool.
AddressInspector.dll The compiled project.

Key CoClasses: LocatorExtension, ESRIFDOAddressLocator, StreetMapAddressLocator
Key Interfaces: ILocatorExtension, IReferenceDataField, IReferenceDataFile, IReferenceDataTable, IReferenceDataTables
Key Members: ILocatorExtension::CurrentLocator, IReferenceDataField::InternalName, IReferenceDataFile::PathName, IReferenceDataTable::DisplayName, IReferenceDataTable::Fields, IReferenceDataTable::Name, IReferenceDataTables::Tables