Subtype Error Fix


The Subtype Error Fix is a custom fix to use with topology errors of all rule types. The fix will enable under certain circumstances; when the selected errors are of the same rule type and when the Origin or Destination feature class of the topology is specified at the subtype level. If the _Install.bat file is used to register the dll and add it to the proper component categories, the command will be available on the context menu of topology errors. When applied against errors, a form containing all the subtypes of the Origin and/or Destination feature class is displayed. A subtype for the Origin and/or Destination feature class can be specified. Only one subtype can be specified for each selection set of errors.

Note: Changing the subtype of a feature that participates in a Topology results in the creation of a Dirty Area.

How to use:
  1. Double click on the _Install.BAT file.
  2. Open ArcMap, Add a Topology containing errors for rules at the subtype level and Start Editing.
  3. Select a topology error or errors of the same rule type, right click and select Set Subtypes...


Requires: Topology data

Minimum ArcGIS Version Required: 8.3

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
clsSubtypeErrorFix.cls Class containing the code for the Subtype Error Fix sample.
frmSubtypeErrorFix.frm Form that lists the subtypes for the Origin and Destination feature classes.
SubtypeErrorFix.vbp The project file for the Subtype Error Fix sample.

Key CoClasses: Topology, TopologyExtension, TopologyErrorFeature, TopologyRule
Key Interfaces: ITopology, ITopologyExtension, ITopologyErrorFeature, ITopologyRuleContainer, ITopologyRule, ISubtypes
Key Members: ITopologyExtension::CurrentTopology, ITopologyExtension::ActiveErrorCount, ITopologyExtension::ActiveErrorRuleType, ITopologyExtension::ActiveError, ITopologyErrorFeature::TopologyRule, ITopologyErrorFeature::OriginOID, ITopologyErrorFeature::DestinationOID, ITopologyRuleContainer::Rules, ITopologyRule::OriginClassID, ITopologyRule::AllOriginSubtypes, ITopologyRule::OriginSubtype, ITopologyRule::DestinationClassID, ITopologyRule::AllDestinationSubtypes, ITopologyRule::DestinationSubtype, ISubtypes::SubtypeName, ISubtypes::HasSubtypes