Fillet Tool


This sample actually contains three different fillet samples:

The first one is is called 'Fillet Muliple' and it creates a new fillet feature connecting two polylines. The original features are split where the fillet intersects them and the unwanted halves are deleted. The tool reports all valid radius ranges if an invalid radius has been entered.

The second fillet sample, 'Fillet Edit Sketch Corner', resides on the edit sketch context menu; in this case, an edit sketch vertex is selected and replaced with a fillet. The selected vertex must connect two segments. Again, a valid range of possible radiuses is presented if an invalid radius has been entered.

The last fillet sample, 'Fillet All Corners', fillets each corner in a selected polyline or polygon.

How to use:
  1. Add the 'Fillet Multiple' tool onto the Editor toobar.
  2. Add the 'Fillet Edit Sketch Corner' to the edit sketch context menu.
  3. Add the 'Fillet All Corners' to the Editor toolbar.
  4. For 'Fillet Multiple', select two polylines and then select the tool. Click on the map to enter a hint point specifying where the fillet should be created (basically, which quadrant). After entering a radius, a new fillet feature is added, the original features are split into two and the non-tangent halves are deleted.
  5. For 'Fillet Edit Sketch Corner', create a polygon or polyline edit sketch, right-click on a vertex, select the command After entering a radius, the corner should be replaced with a fillet corner. Use this command when creating any edit sketch or modifying an existing feature; for example, when rounding parcel corners.
  6. For 'Fillet All Corners', select a polygon or polyline feature, select the command and enter a radius. All corners which can be filleted with the supplied radius are filleted.


Requires: An edit session.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
FilletMultiple.cls Class file for 'Fillet Multiple'.
FilletCorner.cls Class file for 'Fillet Edit Sketch Corner'.
FilletAllCorners.cls Class file for 'Fillet All Corners'.
FilletUtilities.bas Common routines shared between class files.
Fillet.vbp The Visual Basic project file.
Fillet.dll The compiled dll.

Key CoClasses: Editor, CircularArc
Key Interfaces: ICurve, IConstructCircularArc, IProximityOperator
Key Members: ICurve::QueryTangent, IConstructCircularArc::QueryFilletRadiusRange, IConstructCircularArc::QueryFilletRadius, IProximityOperator::ReturnNearestPoint, IProximityOperator::ReturnDistance