Feature Summary Task


This sample allows you to create a polygon with the sketch tool, which is then used to query all of the features within the polygon and produce a summary. The summary window presents a count of point features, a count and length of linear features, and a count and area of polygon features. The correct proportion of length and area are used for features that are split by the sketch. The summary window allows counts, lengths, and areas to be broken down by attribute values as well.

How to use:
  1. Register the dll on your machine.
  2. Use Categories to add the dll to the 'ESRI Edit Tasks' component category.
  3. Only add the 'Clip Summary' class.
  4. Start an edit session: the new task should appear in the edit task drop down.
  5. Select the 'Feature Summary' task.
  6. Create a polygon with the sketch tool.
  7. Browse the Summary window that appears expanding the tree for each layer to get a breakdown by a particular attribute field.


Requires: An edit session.

Difficulty: Advanced

Visual Basic
File Description
frmResults.frm Form for displaying the results.
ModTools.bas Basic module containing common routines.
ClipSummary.cls Extension class for performing attribute summary.
FeatureStash.cls Class for holding the selected features.
FieldSum.cls Class for holding summary values.
LayerStash.cls Class for holding layers involved in the selection.
LinearLayer.cls Class for holding the layer being selected from.
ClipSum.vbp Feature Summary project file.

Key CoClasses: Editor
Key Interfaces: IEditTask, IEditSketch, ITopologicalOperator, IFeature, IFeatureClass, IFeatureCursor
Key Members: IFeatureClass::Search, IEditSketch::Geometry, IFeature::Fields, IFeature::Value