Cut Task

Last Modified:6/24/2001

This sample duplicates the 'Cut Polygon Features' task but uses a polygon edit sketch instead of a polyline edit sketch. This task makes it easier to create doughnut polygons for example. The illustration below shows an edit sketch being drawn over a single selected feature. Finishing the sketch creates a new feature by cutting it out from the selected feature.

How to use:
  1. Register the dll on your machine.
  2. Use Categories to add the dll to the 'ESRI Edit Tasks' component category.
  3. Start an edit session: the new task should appear in the edit task drop down.
  4. Select the 'Cut Polygons by Area' task.
  5. Select one or more polygon features.
  6. Create an edit sketch over the selection to cut out pieces from the polygons.


Requires: An edit session.

Difficulty: Beginner

Visual Basic
File Description
CutByArea.cls VB class file containing the IEditTask implementation.
CutByArea.vbp The project file for the custom edit task.
CutByArea.dll The compiled project.

Key CoClasses: Editor
Key Interfaces: IEditTask, IEditSketch, ITopologicalOperator, IFeature
Key Members: ITopologicalOperator::Difference, ITopologicalOperator::Intersect, IEditSketch::Geometry, IFeature::Fields, IFeature::Value