Create Points Task


The purpose of this sample is to create a new point feature at the end point of each segment in a sketch. As an example, the Traverse dialog can be used to create a set of new courses, but the result will not be a line feature but instead a set of points marking the ends of each course.

How to use:
  1. Register the dll on your machine.
  2. Use Categories to add the dll to the 'ESRI Edit Tasks' component category.
  3. Start an edit session and select the Create Point Features Task as the current task.
  4. Set the Current Layer to a point feature class and create a sketch.
  5. Finish the sketch and point features will be created at the end of each segment.


Requires: An edit session.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
CreatePoints.cls Class implementing the edit task.
CreatePointsPrj.vbp The project file for the custom edit task.
CreatePointsPrj.dll The compiled project.

Key CoClasses: Editor
Key Interfaces: IEditTask, IEditSketch, IPointCollection
Key Members: IEditSketch::Geometry, IPointCollection::Point