Marker Property Page


This sample demonstrates how to create a custom property page for the generation of a custom marker symbol. The functionality of the property page basically duplicates what can be found on the simple marker symbol property page.

How to use:
  1. Use the Categories.exe program located in ArcGIS's bin directory and add the clsMarkerSym component from this sample's DLL to the 'Marker Symbols' category. Add the clsMarkerPropPage component to the 'Symbol Property Pages' category.
  2. Start ArcMap and add a point or simple junction feature class to ArcMap.
  3. Click on the symbol for the feature class. Select Properties from the menu that comes up and then select "MarkerPropPage.clsMarkerSym" from the list of available symbol types. Select the desired options and click OK to apply the symbol.


Requires: An Arcmap session with at least one point or simple junction feature class loaded

Difficulty: Advanced

Visual Basic
File Description
clsMarkerPropPage.cls Class containing property page for the marker symbol.
clsMarkerSym.cls Class containing the symbol generation code.
MarkerPropPage.vbp Visual Basic project for the marker property page.

Key CoClasses: SimpleMarkerSymbol, MarkerSymbol
Key Interfaces: IComPropertyPage, IPropertyPageContext, ISymbolPropertyPage, IPersistVariant, ISymbol, IMarkerSymbol, IClone
Key Members: IComPropertyPage::SetObjects, IComPropertyPage::Applies