Font to Marker


This sample demonstrates how to convert a TrueType font to marker symbols that are stored within a style gallery. The font must be installed within the Fonts directory of your operating system (i.e. C:\Winnt\Fonts). Blank characters within the font will result in an empty symbol within the style. These can be deleted through the style manager or by opening the style file from Microsoft Access 2000.

How to use:
  1. This is a stand-alone executable. Double-click FontSymbol.exe to run the program.
  2. Select the TrueType font to be converted to markers.
  3. Browse for the .style file to be created. Use the "Build Style" button to generate the style gallery. Start ArcMap and use the Style Manager or Style References dialogs to load the new style into the available symbols for the document.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
ConvertFont.bas Module holding resources used within the project.
FontSymbol.frm VB form file used to control the settings for the application.
FontSymbol.vbp Visual Basic project file.
FontSymbol.exe The compiled executable.

Key CoClasses: StyleGalleryItem, CharacterMarkerSymbol
Key Interfaces: IStyleGallery, IStyleGalleryStorage, IStyleGalleryItem, ICharacterMarkerSymbol
Key Members: IStyleGalleryItem.Category, IStyleGalleryItem.Name, IStyleGalleryItem.Item, ICharacterMarkerSymbol.Size, ICharacterMarkerSymbol.Font, ICharacterMarkerSymbol.CharacterIndex