Selection Dialog


This sample's command button displays a tabbed dialog that allows the user to perform feature selections based on Class, Attribute and Spatial extents. The spatial extents can either be digitized by the user using a number of tools, or extracted from features in the map.

Features that match the selection criteria are either added to, removed from, or kept within the map's selection set, depending on the button clicked: Apply, Discard, or Keep. If the ctrl key is depressed while the Apply button is pressed the features that match the selection criteria are added to the current selection set.

How to use:
  1. In the Customize dialog, click on 'Add from file' and select this sample's dll.
  2. Under the Commands tab, select the Query Features command from the Developer Samples category, and drag it on to a toolbar. Dismiss the Customize dialog.
  3. Click on the command, and start using it.


Difficulty: Advanced

Visual Basic
File Description
clsQuery.cls Class file that implements the COM Server.
frmQuery.frm VB Form file holding the Selection Dialog.
frmResources.frm VB Form file holding resources for the Class.
QueryCommand.dll Compiled project DLL.
QueryCommand.vbp Visual Basic project file.

Key CoClasses: Dataset, RubberPoint, RubberPolygon, RubberLine, RubberEnvelope
Key Interfaces: RubberEnvelope, IDisplayTransformation, IEnumFeature, IFeatureCursor, IProximityOperator, IRGBColor, IRelationalOperator, ISelectionSet, ISelection, ISelectionEnvironment, ISpatialFilter, ITopologicalOperator