Graph Adjacent Features


This sample illustrates how you can use graphs in your dialogs. If you select a feature with this dialog up, it displays a graph of the field values of the adjacent features. All the numeric fields in the featureclass are available for graphing. You can choose the field you want to graph.

How to use:
  1. In the Customize dialog, click on 'Add from file' and select this sample's dll.
  2. Under the Commands tab, select the 'Graph Adjacent Features' command from the 'Developer Samples' category, and drag it on to a toolbar. Dismiss the Customize dialog.
  3. Switch to Data View and use the select tool to select a feature. You will see this feature's field values populated in the list control in the dialog. The graph shows the values of the adjacent features.
  4. Change the field used by the graph through the combo box. Continue by selecting other features.


Requires: A polygon or line feature class with numeric attribute fields added as a layer.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual C++
File Description
GraphDemoCommand.cpp Implementation file for the Graph Adjacent Features Command.
GraphDemoCommand.h Header file for the Graph Adjacent Features Command.
GraphDemoCommand.rgs Registry script file for the Graph Identify Dialog Command.
GraphDemo.dsp Project file.
GraphDemo.dsw Workspace file.
GraphDemo.dll Compiled DLL for project.
GraphDemo.cpp Implementation of DLL Exports.
GraphDemo.def Module Definition file, listing exported functions.
GraphDemo.idl The IDL file for the sample.
GraphDemo.rc Resource file.
GraphDemo.mak Make file for Project.
GraphDemops.def Module definition file for proxy-stub Code. Make file for proxy-stub code.
resource.h Resource file.
Graph.bmp Bitmap for command button.
AtlControls.h Header file that provides thin classes for controls.
StdAfx.h Header file that includes standard system include files.
StdAfx.cpp Source file that includes just the standard includes.

Key CoClasses: DataGraph
Key Interfaces: IDataGraph, IDataGraphProperties, IApplication, IMxDocument, IActiveView, IDocumentEvents, IActiveViewEvents, IEnumDataset, ITable, IDocumentDatasets, ITableFields, IField, IFieldInfo, ICursor, IQueryFilter, ITableSelection, ISelectionSet, IRow, IFeatureLayer, ISpatialFilter, IFeatureSelection