Command Samples


Below is a list of sample Commands and Tools that will work with both ArcMap, the MapControl and the PageLayoutControl. The Samples are located in \ArcObjects Developer Kit\Samples\Controls\Commands.

DataFrame SampleIncludes a RemoveData command.
Edit SampleIncludes Undo and Redo commands.
Editor SampleIncludes StartEdit, Edit, Sketch, SaveEdits, AbandonEdits and StopEditing commands.
File SampleIncludes AddData, Print and Export commands.
Layer SampleIncludes a Layer command.
PageLayout SampleIncludes PageZoomIn, PageZoomOut, PageFixedZoomIn, PageFixedZoomOut, PageZoomWholePage, PageZoom100, PagePan, PageZoomNext, PageZoomPrevious, Select and FreeHand commands.
PanZoom SampleIncludes ZoomIn, ZoomOut, FixedZoomIn, FixedZoomOut, Pan, PanUp, PanRight, PanLeft, PanDown, GoToNextExtent, GoBackToPreviousExtent and FullExtent commands.
ReportObject SampleIncludes an AttributeReport command.
Selection SampleIncludes Select, Query, Measure, Identify and ClearSelection commands.
Tools SampleIncludes a Refresh command.

How to use:
  1. Refer to each individual sample for further details on how to use.