Custom GxObject_GxObjectFactory

Last Modified:8/16/2002

This sample code demonstrates how to create a custom GxObject and the GxObject factory to go with it. With a custom object and factory, you can browse for the specified file types within ArcCatalog.

How to use:
  1. Either: If using the VB 6 sample, run categories.exe and register the GxAMLFactory class under ESRI Gx Object Factories. Or: If using either .NET sample, open the appropriate .sln file, and compile the project.
  2. Start ArcCatalog and browse to a directory with AML files.


Requires: An AML File. If using the C# or VB.NET sample, also requires the ArcObjects Developer Kit for .NET, and Visual Studio .NET.

Difficulty: Moderate

Visual Basic Visual Basic.NET C#
File Description
GxAMLFactory.cls Command code for browsing for a file based on the custom filter.
GxAMLObject.cls Class implements IGxObjectFilter for filtering out AML files.

Key CoClasses: GxObjectArray
Key Interfaces: IGxObjectArray, IGxObject, IGxObjectUI, IGxObjectProperties, IGxObjectFactory
Key Members: IGxObjectArray::Insert