Activate ArcCatalog from ArcMap

Last Modified:12/13/2000

The ShowArcCatalog VBA macro demonstrates how to programmatically start the ArcCatalog application and move the ArcCatalog window from ArcMap. You need to use the Application Running Object Table object, AppROT, to get a reference to any running ArcMap or ArcCatalog application.

How to use:
  1. Start ArcMap and paste this code into a module in the Visual Basic editor.
  2. Run the ShowArcCatalog macro. This should start an ArcCatalog application and position the window.
Sub ShowArcCatalog()
  Dim pAppROT As AppROT
  Dim pAppROTCountInt As Integer
  Dim pAppROTCount As Integer
  Dim pCommand As ICommandItem
  Dim pAppWin As IWindowPosition
  Dim i As Integer
  Set pAppROT = New AppROT
  pAppROTCountInt = pAppROT.Count
  ' Start ArcCatalog in ArcMap 
  Set pCommand = Application.Document.CommandBars.Find(ArcID.Tools_Catalog)
  ' Wait for the new ArcCatalog application to be added to AppROT 
  Do Until pAppROTCount = (pAppROTCountInt + 1)
    pAppROTCount = pAppROT.Count
  ' Get a reference to the running ArcCatalog application and move its window 
  If TypeOf pAppROT.Item(pAppROTCount - 1) Is IGxApplication Then
    Set pAppWin = pAppROT.Item(pAppROTCount - 1)
    ' Move the ArcCatalog application window 
    pAppWin.Move 10, 10, 600, 500
  End If
End Sub