3D Developer Samples Utilities


Many of the Developer Samples for 3D Analyst share Visual Basic code in these modules. The individual Visual Basic Project (*.vbp) files for the samples may reference any of these VB modules (*.bas).

The proper location for these files is in a folder called 'Utilities', located at:

<ARCGIS INSTALL PATH >\ArcObjects Developer Kit\Samples\3D Analyst\

How to use:
  1. Download the zip file containing all shared modules and copy all files into the 'Utilities' folder which should be at the 'root level' path of the 3D Analyst Developer Samples.


Difficulty: n/a

Visual Basic
File Description
ArcGISDialogs.bas Code for using ArcGIS dialogs.
clsDigitizeGeom.cls Helper class to track digitizing coordinates.
clsFileUtil.cls Class for various file routines.
dbutil.bas Methods concerning datasources.
fileutil.bas Routines to browse for filenames.
geomutil.bas Routines working with feature geometry.
miscSceneUtil.bas Miscellaneous routines used to customize ArcScene.
miscUtil.bas More miscellaneous routines working with 3D ArcObjects.
ShellWait.bas Code for running a command line exectuable and waiting for the process to end.
stringsUtil.bas Code involving the handling of string type variables.
Win32util.bas Code containing Windows API routines.