Set Document Data Source To Relative Paths


One property of an ArcMap or ArcScene document is whether the layers in the document are stored as relative to the document location (ie. .\Data\Roads.shp) or as a full path (ie. d:\data\Roads.shp). This macro will automatically set this data source property to 'Relative Paths'.

How to use:
  1. Copy and paste the following code into an ArcScene VBA session and call the macro 'SetDocumentDataSourceToRelativePaths'.
'   set the document data source to "relative paths"
Public Sub SetDocumentDataSourceToRelativePaths()
On Error GoTo SetDocumentDataAsRelativePaths
  If TypeOf Application.Document Is ISxDocument Then
    Dim pSxDoc As ISxDocument
    Set pSxDoc = Application.Document
    pSxDoc.RelativePaths = True
  ElseIf TypeOf Application.Document Is IMxDocument Then
    Dim pMxDoc As IMxDocument
    Set pMxDoc = Application.Document
    pMxDoc.RelativePaths = True
  End If
  Exit Sub
  Debug.Print "SetDocumentDataAsRelativePaths: " &  Err.Description
  Debug.Assert 0
End Sub