Thiessen Command


Creates proximal polygons from a point layer.

How to use:

    Steps for adding a command/tool from a DLL:

  1. Register the DLL: ThiessenCommand.dll.
  2. In ArcMap or ArcScene's Customize dialog, click on 'Add from file' and select this sample's dll.
  3. Select the Thiessen Command under the 3D Developer Samples Category on the Commands tab. Drag and drop it to the desired location in the application's user interface. Dismiss the Customize dialog.

    Using the Tool:

  1. Select a point layer to calculate Thiessen polygons for.
  2. Specify an output name for the polygon feature class.
  3. Optionally join or relate the input point feature class attribute table to the output polygons. The attribute relationship is between the 'TagValue' field in the output polygons and the 'FID' field of the input points.

    Steps for compiling the DLL:

  1. The VB code for this sample makes calls to one or more utility modules that are shared by a number of 3D samples. The shared modules are located in the 'Utilities' folder which is found directly below the main '3D Analyst' ArcObjects sample folder. In order to compile the DLL make sure you have the latest version of the shared modules installed.

ArcMap, ArcScene

Requires: 3D Analyst

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
clsThiessenCommand.cls Implementation of ICommand for this sample.
frmThiessenCommand.frm The user interface.
prjThiessenCommand.vbp Visual Basic Project file for the command.
ThiessenCommand.dll The compiled DLL containing the implementation of the sample.

Key CoClasses: Tin
Key Interfaces: ITinNodeCollection
Key Members: ITinNodeCollection::ConvertToVoronoiRegions