View Settings


Mimicks the View Settings dialog that comes out-of-the-box in ArcScene. The purpose is to demonstrate how the functionality of that dialog can be implemented in Visual Basic.

Use it the same way as the View Settings dialog works in ArcScene.

How to use:

    Steps for adding a command/tool from a DLL:

  1. Register the DLL: ViewSettings.dll.
  2. In ArcScene's Customize dialog, click on 'Add from file' and select this sample's dll.
  3. Select the View Settings command under the 3D Developer Samples Category on the Commands tab. Drag and drop it to the desired location in ArcScene's user interface. Dismiss the Customize dialog.

    Using the Tool:

  1. Use this dialog just as the View Settings dialog that comes with ArcScene.


Requires: An ArcScene session with data displayed.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Visual Basic
File Description
clsViewSettings.cls Implementation of ICommand for this sample.
frmViewSettings.frm Presents the user interface for this sample and does most of the work.
ViewSettings.vbp Visual Basic Project file for the command.
ViewSettings.dll The compiled DLL containing the implementation of the sample.

Key CoClasses: Camera, SceneViewer
Key Interfaces: ICamera, ISceneViewer
Key Members: ICamera::Observer, ICamera::Target, ICamera::ViewFieldAngle, ICamera::RollAngle, ISceneViewer::Camera, ISceneViewer::Redraw