Downloads for the ArcObjects Developer Kit

This downloads page provides new and updated files for the ArcObjects Developer Kit. Visit ArcGIS Desktop Downloads page on the ESRI Online Support Center site for patches and updates for the ArcGIS Desktop software.

ArcObjects Developer Kit for .NET (For use with ArcGIS version 8.2 only)

This download provides developers with the complete Beta 2 of ArcObjects Developer Kit for .NET. This .NET developer kit extends the ArcObjects Developer Kit released with ArcGIS 8.2. It contains a complete set of assemblies that mirror the ArcGIS 8.2 Release COM olbs, Windows Forms controls that mirror the ArcGIS 8.2 Release ActiveX MapControl and PageLayoutControl, and the ArcObjects help collection, compatible with Visual Studio .NET.

It is recommended that you uninstall Beta 1 before running this install for Beta 2. To uninstall Beta 1, go to Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel. Once the uninstall completes, click the AONet_Setup.exe file to start the setup for Beta 2. This installation registers the assemblies into the global assembly cache and plugs the help files into Visual Studio .NET.'s help collection.

Note   Installation of the ArcObjects Developer Kit for .NET requires that you have the common language runtime installed on your machine. If you have already installed Microsoft Visual StudioŽ .NET, you do not need to install the .NET Framework SDK separately. Visual Studio .NET includes the .NET Framework SDK. (Updated 08/16/02, 10.6 MB)


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The downloads in this section provide updates to the compiled help files (.chm) for the ArcObjects Developer Help.

esriHelp2.dll - Support DLL for the Visual C++ version of ArcObjects Component Help

The C++ version of the ArcObjects Component help (both the compiled help files and the online version) requires the new DLL called esriHelp2.dll in order for the new stub creation functionality to work.

Download the file and unzip the contents into the "ArcGIS\arcexe81\ArcObjects Developer Kit\Help" folder. You will then have to register the DLL called esriHelp2.dll. You can register this DLL by running:

regsvr32 esriHelp2.dll (Updated 05/10/01, 16.0 KB)